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Zoltán GYŐRI1, Tibor FILEP2* & Éva LEHOCZKY2
1Szent István University, Institute of Regional Economics and Rural Development, 2100 Gödöllő, Páter Károly Str. 1., Hungary
2Research Institute for Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, 1022 Budapest Herman Ottó Str. 15., Hungary;
e-mail: filept@rissac.hu Tel/Fax: +36 1 212-2265


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Although there is a potential contamination of cereal grains by weed seeds, an evaluation of microelement and potentially toxic element content of weed seeds concerning the potential contribution to the culture plant grains is still lacking. In our study, 30 seed samples from different weed families were analysed for some potentially toxic elements (Al, Cr, Hg, Pb) and microelements (Fe, Mn, B, Zn, Cu, Ni, Co, Se). Taking consideration the fact that even at low level of weed seed contamination of the cereal grains (1 % m/m)) increased significantly the toxic element concentrations of that, Al and the Sr can be regarded as potentially harmful elements concerning to the food chain. There is a significant increase of Al concentration at 5 % contamination level; the concentration was nearly two-fold comparing to the ingenious concentration, while for Sr the final concentration of the grain+weed seed mixture is higher by 166.7 % than the initial concentration. In case of microelements, the modifying effect of the weed seeds on it was more moderately. There was 1.9-21.2 % increase for Cu, 0.2-47.9 % for Mn and 0.5-7.8 % for Zn.

Keyword: trace element, toxic element, micronutrient, weed, seed, wheat, maize

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