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Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Volume 1, 2006 - Number 1

L. Kuti, Barbara Kerek & J. Vatai - Problem and prognosis of excess water inundation based on agrogeological factors Full text

J. KALMAR & S. M. TURKI - Infracambrian rocks as "exotic" clastics in Hasawnah Sandstone Formation, Wãw al Kabir area, Libya Full text

Eva Maroti & J. KALMAR - About the stone material and mortar composition of the Roman buildings, Ulcisia Castra, Szentendre, Hungary Full text

Gh. MACOVEI & R. GIVULESCU - The present stage in the knowledge of the fossil flora at Chiuzbaia, Maramures, Romania Full text

Ioana NAPRADEAN & R. CHIRA - The hydrological modeling of the Usturoi Valley - using two modeling programs - WetSpa and HecRas Full text

L. Petrescu, E. Bilal - Uranium, thorium and strontium in conifers grown on uranium mine dumps (the east carpathians, Romania) Full text

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